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AgCredit: Senior Appraisal
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Our Mission: Be the Best Lender to Agriculture

Founded in 1916, American AgCredit provides loans and other financial services to agricultural and rural customers throughout California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada and Oklahoma, as well as to capital markets customers in all 50 states.

We are a proud member of the Farm Credit System, created more than 100 years ago with the sole purpose of serving the financial needs of farmers and ranchers. We are truly “built for agriculture”.

Our unmatched expertise allows us to provide farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses with the resources and financial solutions they need to be successful.

  • We are a customer-owned cooperative with the sole mission of supporting the financial needs of American agriculture.
  • We offer loans, lines of credit, leasing and crop insurance products.
  • The financial and agricultural expertise of our staff enables us to support a wide range of customers in a myriad of ways.
  • Our commodity diversity and willingness to stand by our customers in good times and bad fosters longstanding and productive relationships.
  • We are deeply invested in our local agricultural communities through scholarships, youth programs and other community involvement.

The sound financial guidance and product flexibility we offer, combined with our deep agricultural expertise, ensures we are able to help agriculture and rural communities thrive.


We proudly finance all of agriculture, regardless of the specific industry or commodity. The graphic below reflects our current loan portfolio and highlights some of the commodities that represent the largest share. We maintain a diversified portfolio in order to withstand market pressure on any particular sector and stick with customers through tough times. This commodity diversity strengthens our financial position and helps us pay out competitive cash patronage distributions.