Samantha Edwardes

&co. pr | sr. communications specialist
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Samantha Edwardes is a born storyteller. Finding a career in which she could mix her affinity for persuasive writing with her creative marketing-savvy has been a real dream come true. Inspired by the imaginations behind the brands she works with, Samantha loves amplifying the voice of those with tales to tell. More than just a think tank churning out big ideas, Samantha helps clients execute initiatives and attract potential consumers. Crediting her deep understanding of target audiences and effective communication skills to her degrees in Psychology and Sociology, Samantha has worked in the world of PR for over a decade. Having connected with a variety of businesses, from mom-and-pop brands to high-profile start-ups, she has much experience in drafting engaging narratives and maximizing digital marketing efforts. Considered an expert in her field, Samantha’s insights have been featured in a handful of industry and trade publications. Originally from New York, graduating with honors from Tulane University in New Orleans, and now calling Northern California home, Samantha is gregarious and passionate about exploring new places. A real “word nerd” who enjoys cooking, crossword puzzles, the thesaurus, and Bon Appétit recipes are a few of her favorite things. A forward-thinker with an eye on the bright side, Samantha currently lives amidst the magical Redwoods of Humboldt County with her loving husband, beautiful rescue dog and sweet baby girl.