Jamie Tobin: Public Relations

Jamie Tobin
Founder / Publicist | &co. pr

Sitting on the counter in her grandma’s kitchen was where Jamie developed an insatiable appetite for the world of hospitality. Like an apron-donned magician, she’d eagerly watch her grandmother mix in a sprinkle of this and a shake of that, turning cooking into a sensory adventure worthy of an audience. Despite studying the steps and knowing the ingredients, she could never hold a candle to Grandma’s meals. At a young age, Jamie learned that it’s not just the finished product that’s important. The passion, the preparation, the people — those are the elements that make things extraordinary.

Seeking a way to shine a light on innovators, “mixers and shakers” like her grandma, Jamie graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in journalism. Raised to not follow recipes and dream big, Jamie left her midwestern home for the bright city of San Francisco. The daughter of a salesman, it was here she connected her fond memories of family dinners with the savvy she picked up from her father’s sales routes. Where food, wine and marketing meet, Jamie dove head first into PR.

A mélange of her enthusiasm and talent, Jamie has worked in public relations for the past 16+ years. Guided by industry leaders, she experienced skyrise agencies, small firms, and independent contractor life before starting her own agency. Jamie has spearheaded PR efforts for a variety of clients, including food & drink products, wineries, restaurants, industry start-ups, imaginative apps, chef personalities, hotels, upscale travel brands, and national/regional culinary events (including James Beard Foundation’s Taste America and Eat Drink SF.) She has secured coverage in top outlets and print publications across the country.

After meeting the love of her life and saying “yes” to his happily ever after, Jamie moved to Wine Country and founded &co. pr. The Tobin tribe now includes two beloved rescue pups, Maverick and Goose, along with &.co’s growing list of contacts, colleagues and clients. Treating everyone like family, Jamie is more than a business owner, she is an opportunity creator. With palpable zealousness, she still has a lot in common with that youthful Midwestern girl seated on the counter. She treats the brands she represents with a level of admiration and respect, doing whatever it takes to magnify their mission. She genuinely values relationships above all else. She is attentive, inquisitive and appreciates the multi-faceted efforts it takes to create. Now also an aficionado of dirty martinis and perfectly crisp french fries, Jamie is grateful for the finer things in life and has dedicated her life to promoting them.