St. Helena Hospital Birthing Unit

MIRACLES DO HAPPEN BUT SOMETIMES NOT WITHOUT HELPING HANDS. Both Robyn and Jordan are passionate about giving back not only to their community as a whole but to the St. Helena Hospital Birthing Unit. Robyn raised both of her children, Jordan and Ross, in St. Helena who then each went on to deliver their own babies at the birthing unit. They feel blessed to not only live in such a wonderful destination community full of beauty, but are so thankful for the support that all of the doctors and nurses provide to each and every Mom and newborn on a daily basis. The birthing teams knowledge, expertise and compassion are what shape and build this wonderful community. With this said, Robyn and Jordan feel that there is nothing else they can do, but to continue to help the birthing unit team provide the excellence they’ve scene in the past, and continue to welcome each child into this world and wonderful community. They hope that their donations will inspire others to help support their local birthing unit.